Accuracy, clarity and consistency.

We believe that practice makes perfect. For that reason, after all these years, the professionals that constitute LocHouse know precisely what you expect from competent translation work: that the content should be accurately transcribed, in clear, objective language, and with uniform use of translated expressions within the same context. And that is precisely the commitment of each member of the network of well qualified professionals on whom we rely, and who use all the translation memory management tools available in the market.

Another very important point is the fact that quality control is permanent and is not applied only at the end of the process. Thus we make sure that the team involved is following the prescribed standards, and avoid any possible surprises.
Whether the work relates to a website, a manual, software, a game or the most varied documents, LocHouse adopts the following procedures:

  • Analysis of the material
  • Selection of the team, based on the content
  • Choice of the glossaries, style guides and tools to be employed
  • Translation
  • Quality control
  • Review
  • Sign-Off
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